Find Joy in the Simple Things

Create your Silver Linings Checklist.

Things can be better, even if they can't be perfect.

Often when feeling overwhelmed it helps to find the joy in simple things. Remember, resilience isn’t toughness in spite of hardship. It is the belief that things today can be made better, even if they cannot be made perfect.

Consider how little things can create a big shift toward happiness

  • Play a board game
  • Enjoy a sunny day
  • Give a neighbourly wave
  • Appreciate fresh-brewed coffee
  • Laugh with Netflix comedians
  • Be present with your children
  • Support local restaurant delivery
  • Stay in sweatpants
  • Conquer a puzzle
  • Cuddle with your pets
  • Socialise in the comfort of your own home
  • Connect via video call

These self-care tips are brought to you in collaboration with Bridget Chambers, a professional life coach who focuses on positivity, self-awareness, and the goodness in all of us (