Tips for Taking Good Care of You

Stay well with self-care.

Simple steps can make an extraordinary difference.

Stay Positive
Find a healthy balance of staying informed while limiting daily intake of social media and news updates. Flooding your brain will only keep the adrenaline in overdrive.

Stay Active
Burn off the extra adrenaline released by anxiety by exercising, preferably outdoors. If indoors, try an exercise video or simply tidy up around the house.

Stay Connected
Phone a friend or family member who knows you really well to listen and reassure you that what you are feeling is normal.

Stay Focused
Slow down those shallow, rapid breaths to send a message to your body that all is well, and you don’t need more adrenaline. Breathe in courage, breathe out fear!

These self-care tips are brought to you by Sue Lennon, a respected nurse, therapist, educator, and coach with nearly three decades of experience in Oncology Nursing, including urology and stoma care. She has a passion for nurse-patient communication and understanding the 'lived experience of illness' in order to provide truly holistic care and is a frequent speaker at international workshops and conferences.