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Nova 2 Easifold Mini

The Nova 2 Easifold is a 2-piece drainable pouch with an ergonomic shape designed for enhanced comfort for people living with a stoma. Nova 2 pouches have a secure 2-piece coupling system and can be used with all Nova wafers.

  • Integrated closure system with closure plates and Velcro® fastening designed for control when emptying and cleaning
  • Secure coupling system designed to give an audible click when connecting to the flange
  • Different ring colours for visual confirmation of security
  • Two pouch chambers for extra filter protection designed to prevent blocking and odours
  • Nova filter absorbs odours and is designed to reduce the risk of ballooning
  • Belt ears designed for easy attachment of a belt
  • Soft and water-repellent backing

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REF Colour Ring Size Volume Capacity Box of
1219-36 Opaque 36 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
1219-43 Opaque 43 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
1219-55 Opaque 55 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
1220-36 Clear 36 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
1220-43 Clear 43 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
1220-55 Clear 55 mm 330 ml 10 pcs
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NovaLife 2 Open Instructions for Use

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