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Dansac X-tra Strips

For those seeking extra protection around the edge of any skin barrier, Dansac X-tra strips are a skin-friendly new option. Designed to easily fit uneven body shapes and contours, they provide enhanced comfort and security—while helping prolong wear time. More than just leak prevention, Dansac X-tra strips deliver added confidence and reassurance. The new three-piece design allows a custom-shaped fit around edges of any skin barrier, while the wider size accommodates more body types, folds and creases.

  • Skin-friendly hydrocolloid formulation conforms to uneven skin contours for more secure seal
  • Prolonged wear time delivers added protection against leakage
  • Soft and elastic water-resistant material provides more flexibility of movement and ease-of-use, even for those with limited dexterity

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REF Size Box of
075-30 56,5 x 128 mm 30 pcs
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