Dansac Seal

The Dansac Seal is designed to offer extra skin protection around the stoma; it is designed to be shaped and reshaped to fill skin folds or scars without breaking or losing its adhesive strength. Dansac Seals can be applied directly to the skin or to the skin barrier.

  • 3 mm ring thickness
  • Off-centre starter hole is designed to allow positioning of the ring material where it is needed
  • Alcohol-free skin barrier material is designed to help avoid stinging on sensitive skin
  • The hydrocolloid formulation with reinforcement fibres is designed to be stretched and reshaped without losing its adhesive ability
  • Designed to be removed from the skin without leaving adhesive residue on the skin
  • Individually packaged in a user-friendly and easy-to-open snap lock tray
  • Available in four sizes
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