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TRE Seal

TRE Seal

TRE Seal

Dansac TRE seal and NovaLife TRE barrier feature innovative TRE technology. 

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When it comes to peristomal skin, there is no such thing as too much protection.

With three levels of protection, Dansac TRE products are designed to help protect peristomal skin and keep it naturally healthy.

Skin naturally has a slightly acidic pH level, or acid mantle. Protecting this environment is very important, since it supports the skin’s integrity and antimicrobial properties. Stoma fluids are pH neutral and rich in digestive enzymes. When these enzymes come into contact with healthy peristomal skin, they digest the outermost layer of the epidermis, leading to peristomal skin complications (PSCs).


PSCs are a common problem and have a negative impact on clinical outcomes, healthcare costs, and quality of life. Traditionally, PSCs have been managed reactively – after they occur. But what if there were stoma care products that could proactively protect peristomal skin and keep it naturally healthy?

TRE pH buffering technology

TRE technology's proprietary formulation maintains the slightly acidic pH level of healthy skin. This supports an environment that is friendly to the skin, but unfriendly to the digestive enzymes — helping stop them in their tracks.

  • A buffer is a solution that can maintain nearly constant pH
  • As the skin does not have a natural buffering system, changes in pH caused by factors such as digestive enzymes or perspiration can weaken the acid mantle
  • TRE technology is designed to effectively maintain the pH level of healthy skin and protect the skin from exposure to changes in pH


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Three levels of protection for Healthy Skin

TRE technology takes skin protection to another level — three to be exact. And when it comes to peristomal skin, there is no such thing as too much protection.

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